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Updated Jul 14, 2021 | 09:02 IST
The three men were heading towards their homes when they were intercepted by two tigers (Representative Image).
The three men were heading towards their homes when they were intercepted by two tigers (Representative Image).  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images


  • A 23-year-old man in Uttar Pradesh escaped a tiger attack due to his helmet
  • The tiger mistook the helmet for the man's head and bit into it
  • While the tiger recuperated from the shock of biting the hard surface of the helmet, the man climbed a tree and hit from it

volleyball-clubs-in-memphis,The youth, who was identified as Vikas, was on a motorcycle with his friends - Sonu and Kandhai Lal. Sonu was riding the two-wheeler while Kandhai and Vikas were pillions. Despite being warned about the presence of tigers at the entrance of the forest, the three friends decided to take the route as they wanted to reach home early. 

handball-wm-2019-einschaltquoten,The three men were heading towards their homes when they were intercepted by two tigers. Due to the defunct headlight of their vehicle, the trio could not spot the big cats and came close to them. Within seconds, one of the tigers pounced on Vikas while the other attacked Sonu and Kandhai.


The tiger attacked Vikas' head but bit into the hard surface of his helmet. While the tiger processed the shock of biting into the helmet, Vikas managed to climb up a tree and hid there all night. The 23-year-old man saw the tigers devour one of his friends and drag the other one into the forest. ,uefa-champions-league-soccer-way

volleyball-nations-league-draw,The 23-year-old man said that Kandhai also made an attempt to climb up a tree but a tiger caught hold of him. Vikas recalled. "Sonu was killed in front of me. I was extremely scared but gathered courage to jump onto another tree later. I didn't move one bit, closed my eyes and started praying. I knew that if the tigers found my location, they would kill me for sure. They are known to climb trees. " 


Vikas said that the tigers kept roaming in the area for the entire night and retreated to the forest only at 3.30 am. In the morning, a local named Rajendra Prasad saw Vikas and alerted the authorities. Prasad recalled that Vikas was "frozen with fear almost and barely able to speak'. One half of Kandhai's body was later recovered by the villagers. ,rummy-central

Deputy director of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, Naveen Khandelwal said that they found pugmarks on two tigers on the spot. The officials suspect one of the tigers to be a sub-adult. He said that as a result of the attack, additional camera traps have been set up in the area and monitoring has been increased. ,denmark-spain-handball-prediction

Vikas recalled the horror he witnessed before his eyes and said, "The tigers will always live in my head. I will hear them growl for the rest of my years on this earth. ",reddit-dhgate-soccer-jerseys

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