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The history of volleyball is closely linked to that of another popular court game. In fact, just eight miles and four years separate the historic development of volleyball and its cousin basketball. In 1895, William G. Morgan was the education director as the Holyoke, Massachusetts, YMCA. Four years earlier, his colleague James Naismith had invented the game of basketball just down the road at the Springfield YMCA.

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Volleyball has come a long way from the dusty-old YMCA gymnasium of Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA, where the visionary William G. Morgan invented the sport back in 1895. It has seen the start of two centuries and the dawn of a new millennium. Volleyball is now one of the big five international sports, and the FIVB, with its 220 affiliated national federations, is the largest international sporting federation in the world.

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1917: The game was changed from 21 to 15 points. 1920s: There are unconfirmed whispers of men’s teams playing on the beach in Hawaii, but most accounts place the sport’s origin in Santa Monica, California where the first Volleyball courts are put up on the beach at the Playground. Families play 6 vs. 6.

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Volleyball Court. Volleyball courts have evolved since the time the game was played the first time. Today, the game is played in both indoor courts as well as on outdoor ones which are typically built on beaches and has the same layout. A volleyball court is 9 meters wide and 18 meters long.

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History of Volleyball. The game of volleyball has evolved much in the century since its invention, and it has come a long way to claim worldwide following with millions of professional volleyball players present in every corner of the earth. However, the game of volleyball had a much humbler beginning than what many people would care to believe today, and it has in fact travelled much from the days when it was played by a handful few in the YMCA gymnasium of Holyoke in Massachusetts, USA.

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Beach volleyball—usually played, as its name implies, on a sand court with two players per team—was introduced in California in 1930. The first official beach volleyball tournament was held in 1948 at Will Rogers State Beach, in Santa Monica , California, and the first FIVB-sanctioned world championship was held in 1986 at Rio de Janeiro.

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Volleyball was presented at the Playground of America convention as one of the most popular sports. 1908 Volleyball reaches Japan. It is Hyozo Omori, a Springfield College graduate in the United States, who first demonstrates the rules of the new game on the YMCA courts in Tokyo. 1909 YMCA spread volleyball to Puerto Rico. 1910

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In 1922, the first international competitions were held in Brooklyn. It was the YMCA Championship, in which 23 men’s teams participated. In 1925, the modern dimensions of the court, as well as the size and weight of the volleyball were approved. These rules were relevant to the countries in America, Africa and Europe.