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Akanksha Saxena
Updated Jul 15, 2021 | 11:07 IST
Lufthansa's new welcome greeting onboard is a gender-neutral one.
Lufthansa's new welcome greeting onboard is a gender-neutral one.   |  Photo Credit: Twitter


  • The German airline has done away with 'ladies and gentlemen' in the greeting.
  • The new welcome message will now say 'Dear Guests'
  • Before Lufthansa, Japan Airlines brought about this change in their English annoucements.

German airline company Lufthansa has decided to do away with its traditional greeting in flights by replacing it with gender-neutral alternatives.,better-ways-to-ask-how-are-you

Instead of saying 'Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on board, it will now use phrases such as 'Dear Guests' or 'Good morning/evening' depending on the time of the day. ,basketball-africa-league-player-stats

This move is not just applicable for this airline, but other airlines operated by the company like Swiss, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings. ,online-cricket-match-live-app

basketball-coach-wooden,In a press statement released by the company, Lufthansa spokesperson Anja Stenger told DW basketball drills beginners, "Diversity isn't just an empty phrase, but it's a reality for Lufthansa. Starting now, we also want to express this attitude in our language." She also added that the crew has been instructed to choose a greeting that is gender-neutral in nature. 

basketball-coach-salaries-ncaa,For those who are not familiar, the term 'gender-neutral' caters to something that is not specific to just one gender. Around the world, there are several people who are identifying themselves as non-binary where they consider themselves neither male nor female. 

In the wake of this, several organizations are bringing about changes to facilitate those who belong to this group. Lufthansa is not the only airline company to do so. Earlier, Japan Airlines decided to include a greeting that is inclusive in nature. ,quebec-national-soccer-league

manchester-football-match-today-time,Coming back to Lufthansa's new message, the internet lauded the company and welcomed their move. While there was a lot of appreciation, there were some who felt that there is still a long way to go in this regard. The rather symbolic gesture is just a beginning towards the right direction. 

professional-beach-volleyball-origin,What do you think? 

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